Kirkland Kiwanis Club

“Partners for Programs”

Program Partners is designed to give each Kirkland Kiwanian an opportunity to be involved in sourcing and hosting a program for at least one meeting per year.  You have been partnered to work with another Kiwanian, and assigned a date when we need your help!  As two heads are often better than one, the job is twice as easy and the fellowship is a bonus.  This has proven to be a successful program planning concept over many years!


The ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE showing your program date is available on the Kirkland Kiwanis web site at Please follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact your partner and discuss speaker ideas and choices
  2. Contact your speaker and define DATE and TOPIC
  3. Contact Gary Passavant with your program information so he can enter the information on our website
  4. Arrive at Hector’s by 11:30 to GREET YOUR SPEAKER
  5. Sit at the head table to host and introduce your speaker


Please keep in mind that overtly political or religious programs are unacceptable!  Our mission is to provide entertaining, educational, and motivational programs for all!


Speaker Sources


There are many speakers available in business and hobby associations, sports and media persons, community figures, and speakers you have heard and enjoyed elsewhere.  Should you have difficulty, please call Coordinator Gary Passavant, 425-802-1515,, as he may have a suggestion on file.  Call early!


Throughout the year, keep your eyes and ears tuned for possible guest speakers.  Contact them and set a date, or refer the information to the committee.  You MAY CHANGE DATES with other partners.  Call and arrange the change, then let the Coordinator know ASAP. 



Coordinator:  Gary Passavant, 425-802-1515,

Assignments:  Steve Lutz, 425-785-2777,


Good luck, have fun and happy programming!