Kiwanis 2017 Social Plan            3/8/2017

·        On Going – Kat and Friends Playing Venues

o   Pepperbridge Winery  3/26, Sunday, 3-5, Woodinville

o   Kat

·        Fund Raiser for Children’s Hospital Fund Raiser

o   Eagles, May 13th, Saturday Night 7-11

o   Bands include K-Band, Coveralls, and Matt Desert Band

o   Steve, Jay, and Bonni

·        Steve Lampson Sailing Cruise in Lake Washington

o   Set for July 25th, Sunday afternoon

o   John Hurney

·        KCC Trail Walk and Chainline Brewery

o   Could be monthly

o   Paul

·        Everett Aqua Sox Kiwanis Picnic and Game

o   Aug 6 approx 4:00pm

o   Steve for now

·        Trivia Night

o   Still being organized

o   Nicki

·        Picnic/Softball

o   July or August

o   Dale and Steve

·        Bill Ward Xmas Open House

o   December

o   Bill Ward

·        Xmas Tree After Party

o   Steve

·        Kiwanis Book Club

o   On-going  

·        Installation Banquet

o   First of September

o   Kat

·        Tulip Festival

o   Still being looked at

o   April-May

·        Pizza Tours

o   Visiting great pizza places throughout the area

o   Paul

·        Emerald Downs Horse Racing Track

o   Sept 17th

o   Rod G

·        Poker Night

o   Fund raiser at the Eagles

o   Susan L

o   April 29th  Eagles?

·        Grape Choice Night

o   Every Wed.

o   John H. and Rod G.