COMMITTEE MISSION STATEMENTS                          (Expanded Committee Lists)

Club Admin. -

Mission: To strengthen the club by ensuring that members are provided with well-organized, informative, and enjoyable meetings, programs, and social activities

Membership - Mike Marquess

Mission:  To strengthen the club by attracting, orientating, and retaining talented, energetic new members, as well as to improve all members’ awareness of the club's mission and goals

Marketing & Media Relations - Bonni Sundberg

Mission:  To ensure that people in the community are continually made aware of the Club's activities and events in order that we may attract new members as well as donors

Community Service - Hal Bomgardner

Mission:  Oversee and coordinate the club's participation in various community activities and improvement projects

Finance & Fundraising - Bill Badgley

Mission:  To successfully conduct existing fundraising activities, as well as to explore new ways to raise money to enable the Club and the Foundation to increase and expand our ability to serve the children and young people in our community.

Human & Spiritual Values - Retta Winbigler

Mission:  To provide human companionship and comfort for members or relations in the case of tragedy or need, as well as to recognize adults who have gone above and beyond in serving their community.

Youth Services -

Mission:  To develop, support, or partner with others organizations (e.g. Boy Scouts of America, the YMCA, and Boys & Girls Clubs) on various programs and activities designed to assist with the developmental needs of young people in our community.

Service Leadership – Ralph Villavicencio

Mission:  To utilize Kiwanis-branded programs such as Key Clubs, middle school Builders Clubs, etc. in order to build leadership skills and a sense of community service amongst students at selected local schools

Young Children Priority One -

Mission:  To support existing projects, as well as to introduce new efforts designed to help young children through ages 0-5