Keller Memorial Fund  

HISTORY: The Keller Memorial Fund was established in 1986 in memory of Jack Keller, a Kirkland dentist and long-time member of Kirkland Kiwanis. The Fund was jointly established by Dr. Keller's family and the Kirkland Kiwanis Club for children who need orthodontic treatment and can't afford it.  The Fund is a program of the Kirkland Kiwanis Foundation.

Selection Process

CRITERIA FOR REFERRAL: Any child under 16 is eligible for assistance. Severe orthodontic need, financial need and the family's ability to assist financially are all important considerations. The evaluating dentist and the Foundation may also consider psychological problems that cause extreme poor self-image that interferes with education and peer relationships

WHO MAY REFER:  Anyone, including parent, school nurse, social worker, teacher, dentist, physician or other.

PROCESS FOR REFERRAL AND SELECTION: The referring person is to complete a formal application and email it or mail it to the Foundation office in Kirkland. Within two months of referral, the Foundation will arrange for an appointment with a participating dentist for evaluation. The dentist will report to the Foundation the severity of the candidate's orthodontic need. The Foundation may elect to have an orthodontist also evaluate the candidate. Within the same two month period, the Foundation will contact the candidate's parents for personal and financial information. When the dental evaluation and financial information are in hand, the Foundation chairperson shall present findings and recommendations to the Board, which will make the final decision. The chairperson shall collect all information, present findings to the Board and arrange and negotiate for services from cooperating dentists and orthodontists.  Parents of candidates not selected as Participants will be so notified.