Kiwanis Club of Kirkland Sponsors the 44th Annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 1, 2018

Ready..Set..Go!   It starts at 1:30pm on Easter Sunday and is pretty much over at 1:35pm!  Almost 500 pounds of chocolate eggs will be scattered around Peter Kirk Park by Kirkland Kiwanis Club members and volunteers from the Life Community Church of Kirkland.  Different areas of the park are designated for specific age groups.  Ages 1 and 2, the playground area; ages 3 and 4, the skateboard area; ages 5-7, the Lee Johnson Baseball Field; ages 8-12, the grass area west of QFC.  “It is truly amazing to watch the kids completely sweep the field clean.  A team of landscape workers couldn’t do a better job.   “This is my favorite event of the year. Watching the kids completely sweep the field clean and remove thousands of chocolate eggs is truly amazing.  All the smiles and happy faces are a true blessing to the Kiwanis club members,” said Kiwanis Club of Kirkland President, Dale Sahr.

One of the largest and longest running eggs hunts in Kirkland, this event is sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Kirkland.  The 44th Annual Easter Egg Hunt is free to the public and promises to be great fun for everyone involved, including Kirkland Middle School Builders Club dressed in Bunny and Duck costumes.  It is recommended participants arrive by 1pm to find a parking place which is at a premiu and to make sure the kids get to the right area before the countdown starts.  Then watch the fun begin!

If you would like more information about the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland, please visit the website at or contact Tom Pendergrass, Secretary at (206) 910-1949.